Improvisation Projects

Peter Urpeth is a pianist and composer who for more than thirty years has worked in jazz and free improvisation. He currently offers a quartet with Terry Day, Olie Brice and Ntshuks Bonga, and a duet with singer, Maggie Nicols. On-going projects feature guitarist Mark Hewins.



28th July - Jazz Rumours, Pine Grove Studios, Finsbury Park - with Mark Hewins (guitars), Eric Peachey (drums - Khan / Steve Hillage Band), and Subs (electric bass - House of Thandoy and Sentient).

25th July - Cafe Oto, Dalston - my quartet with Terry Day, Ntshuks Bonga, and Olie Brice

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Wraith Island (FMR CD)

Peter Urpeth (Piano), Terry Day (Drums), Olie Brice (Bass) Ntshuks Bonga (Saxes)

Buy tracks or the complete album at Bandcamp

Other Worlds (FMR CD)

Maggie Nicols (Voice) Peter Urpeth (Piano)

available at Bandcamp

Peter Urpeth - Solo Piano Counterpoint

Counterpoint is a work in progress in solo piano improvisation designed to act as a kind of diary or reflective space documenting the relationship between the self and improvisation in moments in time.

The first three parts were recorded at St Vincents Church, Edinburgh in early 2018.

Speech (FMR CD) - The Silence Ensemble perform pieces by John Cage