Digging it! Pete Urpeth’s Peat Cutter’s Blog

This is my blog about peat cutting in the Isle of Lewis - the vlog will cover one year’s peat cutting cycle from the earliest preparations of the peat banks to bringing the peat home for our winter fire, with a few surprises on route.

Episode 2 of Pete Urpeth's peat cutter's vlog, in which the intrepid cutter attempts to bring a very old peat bank back into use. Music: Kesh Jig / Leitrim Fancy, and The Lark in the Clear Air by Sláinte from the album Sláinte, used under commons license.
Digging It! is Pete Urpeth's peat cutter's vlog. This vlog started as an idea as I made my way out onto the moors for the first day of peat cutting this year, and it will chart the progress of a year's peat cutting in the Outer Hebrides.